Thank your for choosing me to take your family photos!

Most of time visitors come to me because they like the candid types of photography I take.

If you are one of them who love candid photos, please take a few minutes to read the following.

What is Candid Photos? 

Be realistic, half magic is from parents. Afterall I am a stranger to your kids. I am easy going and get along well with kids but a photo session of one hour can't allow me to spend much directing your kids to listen to me. It's much easier for them to listen to you-- in a positive way with cheerful attitude. You would have agreed that loud and scold only turn kids away :P.  Parents sometimes feel frustrated when they pay a photoshoot but kids choose not to cooperate during the photo session. Situation may be improved if we all slow down and see what kids want to do and we find a way to incooperate that in the photoshoot.

we are not models, attracting commercial candid photos are professional models posing to bring the nature and candid feeling.

kids, esp young kids, don't usually know why they have to look at camera so they don't always listen. Part of it is because it is not fun to look straight into camera ;).  Playing with them is the best way to guide them looking at camera.

while I try to move around to capture genuine moments and facial expressions, be minded I also have to consider where the light comes from and if there is obstacles prevent me to go to the best spot taking photos at best angle. For example, kids facing the beach and playing, it's impossible I go too far deep in water and take photos in front of them, I may take side photos and their full face may not be visible if they don't turn. Wind could also bring hair to block their face.  

Blue ocean background, lighting, backlit, sun position, flash power, moment capture vs moving flash around without assistant. it's about the moment, sometimes if we force kids to turn and change location they lose interests and may be upset and angry.

Location suggestions: Magic Island/ Ala Moana Beach Park, Hilton Waikiki Lagoon/ Ilikai, hoomahulia botanical garden.

talk to kids, a short joke, a story, ask what they like, point at sky looking for interesting clouds, trees, rocks, draw a picture/write something on sands, maybe play some kids music on your phone, get them to dance? 

be specific, what kind of photos you want to get. playing in water? do you mind getting wet with splash? squat down and pile a sand catsle? kissing on cheek? so I keep in mind to take photos like these.