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E-Commerce & White background

Perfect for E-Commerce, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon

*Starting RatePer Item per Image, White Background

$18-25 minimum order 10 images

Less images or Volume discounts, please submit an inquiry

 *Estimate depends on the product types, the surface,  the size of the products. Lower rate does not apply to Cosmetic products,  White colored items, Highly Reflective items (i.e., metallic surface), Jewelry, Transparent items, larger items (>8 inches), items require special handling, items cannot stand by itself, items to showcase content, and etc.,

    One product package, Starting $250**


  • 1 main image on white background

  • 1~2 secondary white background images at different angle 

  • 1 Infographic image (See for more information)

  • 1~2 Lifestyle images 


 ** Price varies depends on the product's nature

 *   Infographic:  Price depends on the Design, Additional images, Close-up images to use in Infographic/Collages, Grouped items, and etc., other special request.

 Amazon Listing Package

Before you ship out your loving products to me, please pick the NEW products, examine for and avoid defects (scratches, dent, uneven prints/surface, corner damage, discoloration etc.,) to avoid possible post production fee.


If it is not possible to have new products, photographer can correct it in post production,  however, depending on the intensity of imperfection and the complexity of the work, there may incur extra cost.  

Shooting Requests

Extra Fee may apply depending on the requirements

  1. TOP advertising quality. Photoshop as needed to straighten the labels, remove any imperfection (i.e., dust, dent, scuff, uneven prints, discoloration)

  2. Background Color of Choice 

  3. Group shots: Arranging multiple items requires time and styling. The lighting set up is often adjusted to achieve overall best look. Also, each item in the photo requires attention in post production. 

  4. Reflection or shadow 

  5. Open Content (for example, content placed next to the package to showcase cookies, tea leaves, coffee beans, cosmetics texture, and etc.,)

  6. Multiple focus points (Focus Stacking) to achieve all sharp and focused (for example, high end jewelry usually requires multiple images for focus stacking; Or a group shot may look for sharp focus on every single product; to resolve the nature of depth of field), need time to process multiple images 

  7. Shiny surfaces/highly reflective items require a special set up for lighting to avoid glares and reflection. Sometimes, photoshop may be the ultimate solution to merge different images or to correct the hot spots in post production.

  8. Advanced retouching: Products such as jewelry and some highly reflective products require advanced photoshop skills to remove glares and reflection that could be time consuming

  9. Wish to retrieve the products when the project is completed: Please arrange a date/time to pick up the products. Alternatively, please include 1) PrePaid Return Shipping Label, 2) service fee $10 on invoice (waived if total purchase amount is >$500. Photographer will help pack products in the original box with care and drop off at USPS/UPS. However, Photographer does not guarantee the integrity of the products nor package during shipping.

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