High Quality Catalog Shoots - Pricing

$20 per catalog item per image, minimum order 20 images

$25 for 6-19 images, $30 for 1-5 images. $15 if more than 50 images. Rate based on same type/shape of items.

Products ready to shoot, Basic cleaning

Pure White Background. No Reflection/With Reflection additional $3 per image

Standard Lightroom Adjustment. Label Straighten in photoshop additional $5 per image

Open content extra rate applies (for example, content placed next to the pacakge to show case cookies, tea leaves, coffee beans, cosmetics texture, and etc.

High Resolution: 3000x3000 pixel/300 DPI, meet Amazon photos requirements.

Turnaround Time: 5 days or sooner from the shooting date

Digital Download through secure private link

Welcome to include Pre-Paid Postage and the products will be shipped back to you.