High Quality Catalog  Products Photos Bring you more Business

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High Quality Catalog product photos not only show the viewers what they will get but help them make a quick decision 'That's what I Want!'. The photos stay long on your online stores and they need to look fresh and awesome. Quality photos automatically raise your brand value and people usually put more trust in your brand as they see you bring out only the best and feel the sustained efforts you put in your works. Make your website look elegant, not cheap.

High end commercial product photoshoots generally are produced with total lighting control with zero to little ambient light influence (if slow shutter speed to acquire background ambient light to create interesting bokeh or capture motion blur) , this gives a clean look. Most importantly the lighting techniques bring the products a 3D look, the dimension and depth are now visible because of the light reflection and tonal variation. Your products will now look alive, fun, and eye-catching.

High Quality Catalog Shoots Pricing

$20 per catalog item per image, minimum order 15 images

$25 for 6-14 images,

$30 for 1-5 images.

$15 if more than 50 images and based on similar type/shape of items.

$50 per image for Highly Reflective Sphere products

Group products and lifestyle photo rates please email me details for a quote.


Products ready to shoot, Basic cleaning. Ultimate clean look can be achieved with Photoshop to remove any dust and imperfection, extra rate applies.

Pure White Background. No Reflection OR with reflection.

Standard Lightroom Adjustment or Photoshop as needed (extra rate).

If require Label Straighten in photoshop additional $5 per image 

Open content extra rate applies (for example, content placed next to the pacakge to show case cookies, tea leaves, coffee beans, cosmetics texture, and etc.

High Resolution: 3000x3000 pixel/300 DPI, exceeds Amazon photos requirements, or customized to fit.

Turnaround Time: 5 days or sooner from the shooting date

Digital Download through secure private gallery link

Welcome to include Pre-Paid Postage and the products will be shipped back to you.

Please:  Before you ship out your loving products to me, examine for any imperfection (dent, uneven prints/surface, corner damage, etc.,), pick the best samples for photoshoot to avoid further possible post production cost.  It is like you have a model and you want to dress her up nicely and put on beautiful makeup to cover acne/breakout before proceeding a casting. :) Not always the products come with labels horizontally/vertically centered but this can be fixed in post production if you are like me, a perfectionist that looks for the perfect precision, however, such retouching occurs extra cost which could be avoided if a close check is performed before your shipping ;). 

A few catalog samples below. Generally speaking, white colored products, reflective and transparent subjects are more challenging for photoshoot, especially to fit in pure white background. I can make them look great that says I can make mostly every type of product look amazing.