Freelance Photographer specializes in
Product, Food, Still Life
Look forward to working on projects with Digital Marketing Agencies and Graphic Design Studios!  Small business, breweries, restaurants and shops are heartily welcomed. 

How do I make your products special?

The lighting: the shine, the dark, the shade.

The composition: framing, focus, angle, line.

The storytelling:  use of relevant props.

Small home studio yet powerful images

Gears: Canon EOS R, Canon Macro 100mm 2.8, Canon RF 24-105mm, Canon EF 50mm 1.8, Canon EF 100-400mm, Lightstands, Godox AD200Pro, Godox V860II and other speedlights, Reflectors, Diffusers, Snoot, Grids, Softbox, Stripbox, X-Rite colorchecker passport

Various surfaces at 2x2 ft/ 2x3 ft (vinyl): marble, light wooden, dark wooden, stone, tiles, concrete, seamless colored paper

Yi-Chen (pronounced as yee- chen) is a Preferred/Pro Photographer of a stock photography provider and has been a freelance photographer for Products & Food, and Family photography projects.


Attention to detail is an important trait when it comes to Product Photography. Sometimes Yi-Chen calls herself a persistent perfectionist with anxiety.


Thoughtful manipulation with lighting creates different mood that suits client's brand story. She is eager to hear you talk about your most loved products, learn your thoughts to put in the images that shines brand spirit, work with you and create product images for your website and social media that will draw more viewers and earn more hearts.

A capable photographer is not only skillful but also possesses a good sense of beauty. The instinct about aesthetics helps shaping the image to an art piece.

I continue to learn, there is always room to be better. When you find me I am always at my best condition. 

Aspiration: Harold Ross, Steve Giralt