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Characters of attention-grabbing products photo: It is also part of marketing strategy. 

Focused Brand name/prints are centered (of course, for some creative story telling it's another thing). Hey, products don't speak and don't pose themselves, it usually takes multiple attempts to twist around for a right angle, in the meanwhile, photographers take efforts to re-check the focus after each new placement.

Products look dimensional and not flat.  I sometimes think it is like dressing up a product with lighting. Should I direct light on its right or left? Perhaps more light on top and cut out light at bottom? Add a shine here and there? Remove undesired shadow, lighten the shadow, or intensify the shadow, each way produces a different look that may give unique mood. 

Attractive layout. Most of my clients are growing business that don't have art director and I often contribute ideas to my clients. I am capable of creating beautiful layout with little to many props. 

Use Props thoughtfully. Simple can be elegant without extra props but sometimes props help convey a story or help the viewers connect to the products.

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