How does photoshop cleaning make a difference on your products images?

Updated: May 23, 2020

Are you a small business wondering if you need photoshop service to make your products look cleaner and better? Take a look below:

In the example above, the bottle is quite decent in its original look. However, there is a normal condensation built up inside the bottle around the neck part. The bottle itself has some kind of engraving text at bottom back. Regardless of dust spray and cloth cleaning prior to photoshoot, some dust may not be seen to our eyes but it remains and is visible when you enlarge the picture. The spray head is not centered and has been corrected in photoshop. This example does not really require intensive photoshop work to get a clean look. Photographer definitely hopes the client has inspected all their products before they bring in for photoshoot.

Even for an almost perfect product may require some degree of cleaning to achieve the smooth and polished look. Photoshop is considered inseparable in part of high end product photography. Besides appropriate photography lighting skills, photoshop cleaning adds on its own value on a final image.

Imperfection may includes but not limited to dust, scratches, discoloration, off centered label, broken text, stain, damaged corner, asymmetry, crooked line, hot spots, and any type of distractions or undesired spots. In addition, some products may require special approach to enhance luminosity or surface consistency, for example, jewelry usually needs photoshop to bring more shine; the chocolates mostly are corrected by photoshop for their smooth look.

Cost of photoshop cleaning depends on the intensity and coverage of the area. Some tasks take more twist to complete than simply removing the dust with a brush in photoshop. However, looking for dust in a product image takes time, it does not matter only a few dirt spots or many, the searching starts head to toe, left to right, top to bottom, usually in a 100% view or 200% or even more for details. Yes, retouching takes time and it is tedious. And each image has different affected area to look for spots. Not all types of imperfection is treated the same way. You could save some post production cost if you pick the best products to your photographer.

Do you think you products need photoshop cleaning?

It depends. If you are budget concerned and you are fine with the look before photoshop, if you do not plan to allow enlargement view on your product photos on your E-store, if your photos are only going to be used on social media such as Instagram, you may skip photoshop cleaning provided you have almost perfect products to begin with for a photoshoot.

In today's social media, such as Instagram, people do not usually look at details and they do not enlarge a photo there. However, if you would like to advertising your products on social media, it is highly suggested to do photoshop cleaning. Surely brand names who look for perfect images for high end look will perform photoshop on each of their images before they release them to public.

As a photographer working with mostly small business at this stage, I feel obligated to educate the clients if they are not familiar with what photoshop can do to their products. And hopefully they respect the time and input in retouching, there is no magic one touch that would perfectly wipe all imperfection away.