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" What is your rate?"


It is not easy to answer you with a fixed number. The estimate will be based on your budget, your product types, and your needs.

Price Influencing Factors
  • Surface, Size of the products: Products that are non-reflective in nature will look good in a simple lighting setup, i.e., matte material/ paper and cardboard that is not shiny. The products with glossy surface or in an unique shape may require additional gears (i.e., diffuser) and photographer's knowledge to solve the problems. Smaller products take up less space and are easier to handle than larger items.

  • Total Images Needed: Every photoshoot has its lighting formula. Setup requires time and effort. Therefore, the more photos applied to the same setup can lead to a cost down.

  • Props/Ingredients and Sourcing Fee: For lifestyle and creative images, I encourage my clients to provide any props/ingredients that may be helpful. The more variety in props, the more options I have to pick the most suitable combination to compliment your products. Sourcing props takes time and will occur a fee. If you prefer photographer to help you on this, please indicate it in your inquiry.

  • Background/ Surface Choice: I have invested many background/surface during my photography years. I'm more than happy to use it if it fits in.

  • Shooting Location: My home studio is where I produce the products photography. I can pick any suitable gear when I need it. For photography on site, there may be a mileage compensation depends on the distance from my home studio.

  • Project Complexity/ Story concept/ Style preference

  • Post Production: Photoshop Intensity, cleaning, imperfection removal, cut-out, composition, focus stacking and etc.,

  • Usage: Royalty Free with unlimited online use. Other usage for prints/magazines /newspaper/posters/public signage, please contact Photographer for an estimate.

I am ready to hear what you are looking for.  Sharing information is vital to have great photographs that successfully address your needs and effectively achieve the marketing goals. 


White Background

Square White Background

High quality, builds credibility

petal skin set-2-2.jpg

Styled Lifestyle

Social media, E-mail,

Marketing campaigns


AMAZON Listings

Amazon, Etsy, Ebay

Stands out among competitors

Creative Square 9.7x10.jpg


Marketing campaigns, social media



Captivating images,

Match the brand's aesthetic


Food & Drink

Appetizing menu, beautifully stylized food imagery

White Background Package


<10 items, 11~30 items, >50 items

 *Price depends on the type of the product, product surface & size. The starting rate may not apply to the luxury goods for premium advertising quality. Lower rate does not apply to Cosmetic products, White colored items, Highly Reflective items (i.e., metallic surface), Jewelry, Transparent items, larger items (>8 inches), items require special handling, items cannot stand by itself, items to showcase content, and etc.,

Volume price, please submit an inquiry

 Amazon Listing Package

    One product package Proposal:

  • 1 main image on white background

  • 1-2 secondary white background image at various angle 

  • 1-2 Infographic image 

  • 2-3 Lifestyle images 


 * Price depends on the product's nature

 *  Infographic: Price depends on the design, additional images, close-up images to use in Infographic/Collages, Grouped items, and etc., other special request.

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