Terms & Conditions


Royalty Free images for all E-Commerce Catalog photos. 

The client may continue to produce the commissioned photography for as long as agreed in the Usage Agreement, providing that it is directly related to promotion or advertising of the original company.

In keeping with current industry standards and copyright law, commissioned images remain the copyright of YiChen Chiang Photography. This protects the interests of the photographers, against subsequent reproduction or distribution of the images beyond their initial agreed use.


Photographer YiChen Chiang retains the right to display graphics and other web content elements as examples of their work in her portfolio and as content features in other projects.

Payment is due within 5 Business days of photos delivery


  1.                 (Recommended)

  2. Paypal (Additional 3%+$0.5 will be added on your invoice to cover the transaction fee. If you mind this extra fee, please consider using Veem.) 

  3. Cash 


  1. Normal Turnaround Time: 7 Business days or faster. The final works without watermarks will be released for download within 24 hours when Photographer receives payment in full. 

  2. Image Delivery: Private and secure gallery. Final works can be dropped at Google Drive or Dropbox

  3. If there is no specific information provided prior to photoshoot, the backdrop/surface/lighting/Styling would be at Photographer's choice 

  4. Please examine and avoid any imperfection (damaged or not centered labels, uneven print/discoloration, dent, and etc., pick the best samples for photoshoot to minimize possible post production cost

  5. Image preview windows for creative/lifestyle photos: please mark Star on your final favorites within 3 days upon images delivered and notify Photographer of completion. 

  6. Request for any change after the invoice is issued may be subject to additional charge

  7. If Client wish to retrieve the products after photoshooting, please arrange a date/time to pick up the products. Alternatively, please include 1) Prepaid Return Shipping Label, 2) service fee $10 on invoice, Photographer will help pack in the original box and drop off at USPS or UPS. However, Photographer does not guarantee the integrity of the products nor the package. Due to limited tight space, the items will be stored in room temperature at Photographer's up to 14 days unless new project is agreed. Thank you for your understanding.