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Talent/ TFP (Time for Print)

Non-professional Female Model

Aloha! Are you interested in being a female model or an actress and you want to create a nice portfolio? Are you living in Honolulu area? We can help each other! 

I am a female photographer mainly shoot food and products, occasionally family, located in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.  I want to expand my skills to portraits. Since I don't usually find people around me who are comfortable in front of camera I am looking for people who are not camera shy. I don't want to drag someone who is impatient with posing, that would not make a photo look nice ;).  

If you are confident in your look, love posing, easy to communicate, aged between 20-35, and are interested in Time for Print (exchange in my time and your photos), please contact me by clicking email address on the page title.

Possible talent gigs for all ages, all body types:  Good for people look for part time or extra pocket money. Sometimes I am offered opportunities that need talents for lifestyle products per clients needs (however I mostly have to pass as mentioned above that I can't find suitable people).  Clients may be a popular brand but on small budget looking for day to day people in the images to use on social media for brand promotion.  Lifestyle and candid are the way to go.  Depending on the description of the requested images, the clients may ask Asian, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, etc., for specific age range and body type. The compensation offered by the client is usually $100 to $150 per photo session. Each photo session may take two hours to 4 hours. If we all read the description well and know the direction we should be able to finish the photoshoot sooner, after all, we should work together to aim for satisfying photos. You will be seeing the photos appearing on that brands social media.

If you are interested please email me and hopefully we build mutual trust to work on a project when the opportunity presents. Looking forward to hearing from you.



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